The latest in LunchBox™ solution with LTE and IP-PBX capabilities

Richmond, B.C., October 13, 2016 – Star Solutions announced its LunchBox product which enables rapid deployment of two-way communications in command centers for emergency or incident response. Built on a ruggedized case, the LunchBox is also lightweight, waterproof and battery powered. For network connectivity, the LunchBox is 3G/4G cellular backhaul enabled and has additional Ethernet ports for connecting computing and communications devices.

Four of the Ethernet ports are Power over Ethernet capable allowing users to connect and power IP phones and other PoE based devices. A built in call manager provides IP-PBX features and functions to enable users to make calls to the outside world within minutes of operation. The cellular backhaul is shared between all devices connected to the LunchBox.

The LunchBox unit can also be used for everyday remote network connectivity needs in areas where commercial power might not be available. Military spec batteries offer up to 40 hours of battery life and a built-in charger allows rechargeable batteries to be charged prior to deployment. For example, video surveillance stations can be set up with the LunchBox powering PoE enabled IP cameras anywhere 3G/4G coverage is available.

“The LunchBox LTE PBX was designed to allow flexibility and ease of use in how remote communications can be deployed. Command centers can utilize commercial or dedicated LTE networks as options for connectivity. This is a great application for Public Safety Broadband Network users and we’re excited to see different agencies leverage the solution,” says Alex Pourian, VP of Sales at Star Solutions.

Star Solutions will be exhibiting the LunchBox LTE PBX at this year’s International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP 2016) event in San Diego, California, October 16-18th. Meet the Star Solutions team at Booth number 3756 and learn about the new product along with Star Solutions’ deployable systems for LTE Band 14.