Star Solutions Partners with FSG for Australia and New Zealand

March 16, 2022 – Star Solutions recently appointed an exclusive master distributor to address new Australia and New Zealand markets, Field Solutions Group. Highlights regarding the announcement follow, including a link to their press release below.

March 16, 2022

Field Solutions Holdings Limited (ASX: FSG), Australia’s leading rural and regional telecommunications carrier, is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive master distributions agreement for Star Solutions’ range of innovative integrated 4G and 5G LTE equipment.


  • Exclusive Master Distribution agreement for Australia and New Zealand
  • Highly portable, rapid deployment 4G and 5G private LTE Equipment
  • Integrated core for cost effective, rapid deployment
  • Ideal for Agri-business, Mining, Military and emergency services applications
  • Leverage Field Solutions’ existing network, OneWeb LEO satellite or other forms of backhaul
  • Ability to deploy off OneWeb LEO satellite or other forms of backhaul

“We’ve seen a massive increase in demand for cost effective private and fast deployment LTE solutions in our core sectors of agri-business, mining and local and state-based emergency services.” Says Andrew Roberts, CEO of FSG, “Star Solutions’ range of products and solutions aligned perfectly with those market demands from a feature and commercial standpoint” he continued.

Field Solutions recently announced that it had been appointed distribution partner for OneWeb, providing access to enterprise Grade LEO satellite backhaul. “Our core customers in Rural and Regional Australia need the ability to reliably connect to the internet as well as make voice calls and have access to all other forms of connectivity such as IoT” said Roberts.

“And while we endeavour to build our networks as fast as possible, in some instances, it is simply not commercially or technically viable to do so. The Star Solutions suite of products, combined with our various innovative backhaul capabilities will allow us to deploy a complete, full featured, Private LTE solutions, just about anywhere in Australia for a fraction of the cost and time; This is another game changer for the Rural and Remote communications” he concluded.

“We are excited about our partnership with FSG and working with their team to enable Private LTE solutions across Australia and New Zealand,” says Jack Mar, CEO of Star Solutions. “Our product innovation makes it possible to quickly deploy Private LTE networks and enable organizations to take advantage of the latest innovations and technology trends, including applications for Industry 4.0.”

FSG plan to start rolling out the Star Solutions suite of products starting in April 2022. “We will release a set of fit for purpose agri-business, mining and emergency services solutions”, outlines Roberts. “ We need to ensure the deployment of LTE based solutions is as easy as possible for our customers, for too long LTE based products were either too expensive, or too complex to deploy and maintain”, outlines Roberts.

Specific products will be released addressing the need for community based rapid deployments to address natural disasters and assist emergency services departments and local councils maintain voice and data services when traditional telecommunications services are off-line.