Intel® Network Builders 2021 Winners’ Circle

Star Solutions leverages Intel technology to drive high performance and scalability in its core network products such as the Sonata EPC. We are pleased to be recognized by Intel Network Builders program with its announcement of 2021 Winners’ Circle Awards. The Sonata EPC is a virtualized application utilized by commercial mobile network operators and private LTE network operators worldwide.

Sonata EPC

The Sonata EPC is a leading LTE core network solution for commercial mobile network operators, WISPs, private LTE networks and emergency broadband solutions. It offers cost-effective carrier grade performance with proven scalability and reliability. Network operators can deploy on bare iron servers or in qualified VM environments. Visit the product page for more information on the Sonata EPC.

Delivering Scalable Performance

The Sonata EPC leverages Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) to boost packet processing performance throughput on Intel® processor-based servers. By adopting this set of software development libraries, the Sonata EPC can leverage multi-core and multi-processor architecture to optimize data throughput. This leads to added performance and scalability of our core network solution which our customers can in term leverage for growth and expansion.

Connect with our team for more information on our EPC capabilities and performance options.