Powered by solar energy, the iCell® COMPAC delivers communications to rural communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Richmond, BC (PRWEB) May 29, 2013 – Star Solutions, a leading technology vendor of innovative cellular infrastructure solutions, today announced an agreement with Tatem Telecom, the only CDMA 450MHz operator in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to supply equipment enabling Tatem Telecom to provide those parts of the country lacking coverage from existing operators with mobile voice and data services. Tatem Telecom plans to install a network to cover over two thousand rural communities across the Democratic Republic of Congo to address the needs of the population without any form of voice communications or Internet access.

The challenge of delivering telephony services in rural areas is well known. To overcome one of the biggest challenges, the lack of accessible power infrastructure, Tatem Telecom is introducing network equipment that can be powered by solar energy, including the core network and handset chargers. Star Solutions iCell® COMPAC incorporates an innovative approach to rural telephony deployment by simplifying and integrating all necessary network components into a single piece of equipment. The iCell® COMPAC is passively cooled, reducing the need for power hungry air conditioning systems and ready for outdoor deployment. By deploying in 450MHz frequency band, Tatem Telecom is able to deliver voice, text and data services over an expansive coverage area.

As part of the initial agreement the necessary equipment to support eight rural communities has been supplied to Tatem Telecom. “We’re excited to partner with Star Solutions as their capabilities match our plans in deploying a countrywide network. We appreciate their commitment to delivering their technology and technical expertise in supporting our operations,” Emmanuel B. Kuangu, Chairman of Tatem Telecom, remarked.

“Tatem Telecom’s deployment of the iCell® COMPAC takes advantage of several design goals in providing the product to the marketplace: low power consumption, passively cooled, easy to install and integrated with full stand-alone telephony and messaging capabilities,” says Jack Mar, CEO of Star Solutions.

For more information about the iCell® COMPAC, including a simple installation demonstration video, visit our website at https://www.starsolutions.com/products/ran-products/

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