Paratus Selects Star Solutions for Virtualized LTE Core Network

November 12, 2020 – Richmond, BC — Star Solutions today announced it has been selected by Paratus, a full-service pan-African telecommunications operator, to supply its Sonata EPC core network platform for deployment in Namibia. This deployment allows Paratus to continue to deliver a robust, high speed Internet solution while growing its service offering to customers.

In Namibia, Paratus provides highly stable and reliable connectivity solutions over its own network backbone. By deploying Star Solutions’ carrier-grade and standards-based EPC platform, Paratus can leverage the benefits of improved scalability and increased capacity from the high-performance equipment to further expand its network, offering its customers a truly seamless connectivity experience. The EPC provides the core team with full visibility of the network functionality, which has outgrown the requirements of the initial EPC rolled out in 2016. Various pilot sites have been rolled and Paratus is looking towards having the EPC fully commissioned by mid-November 2020.

“Our customer’s demands for additional capacity are constantly growing, which is why we believe in continuously investing in the latest technologies so that we can sustain the increasing demands. By selecting Star Solutions as our partner, we are well-positioned to address future growth and expansion as the network platform is reliable and backed up by an excellent support team,” said Andrew Hall, managing director of Paratus in Namibia.

“We are very excited to work with Paratus and to help them leverage our LTE solution. This is another great example of our customers benefitting from our cost-effective, high performance, and easy to deploy network solution,” says Jack Mar, CEO of Star Solutions.

Hall concluded: “The Sonata EPC is compatible with our current technology, but also compatible with leading world-class technology that can, due to its high-capacity throughput, provide upgrade paths for new product offerings to our clients.”

The Sonata EPC platform is used by commercial and private LTE network operators around the world to enable 4G connectivity for users and devices across multiple industries and applications.  Its proven scalability, high performance and easy integration with other LTE network elements allow for innovative solutions and deployment use cases. For more information on the Sonata EPC or to connect with the Star Solutions team please go to:


Paratus is a full-service network spanning the African continent and connecting customers internationally. We offer a high-quality network across 6 African countries – Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia – with additional international points-of-presence located in Johannesburg (South Africa), Lisbon (Portugal) and London (UK). Our extended network provides satellite connectivity to over 4000 terminals in 24 African countries in central and west Africa.


Star Solutions is a leading supplier of mobile network infrastructure solutions with special focus on Rural/Remote, Enterprise and Rapid Deployment/Disaster Recovery applications. Star Solutions’ experience includes rural deployments in over 30 countries; majority of the cruise ships worldwide; private mobile networks and Private LTE for Mines, Oil & Gas and Prisons; Rapid deployment systems for disaster relief, military and emergency public safety communications.

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