LTE Opportunities in CBRS Spectrum

What is CBRS?

CBRS is the name given to a range of frequency spectrum in 3.5GHz (3550 MHz to 3700MHz) that the FCC authorized in 2015 for shared wireless access. This spectrum was previously protected spectrum used by the US Navy and other DoD member.

To use the shared CBRS spectrum, one must individually request for a channel assignment from a Spectrum Allocation Server (SAS) via standardized machine protocol. The SAS bases its assignment on channel availability, terrain data, radio propagation data and RF density before responding with the appropriate channel.

The authorization also defined three levels of priority access to the spectrum: the first being existing US Naval Radar or DOD users, the second being Priority Access Licenses (PAL) which will be licensed via auction no sooner than the end of this year, and third, General Authorized Access (GAA), which is open to general use and coexistence issues via assignment by the SAS.

Opening New Markets and Use Cases for LTE Networks

Shared wireless spectrum opens new doors for both applications in both the public and private domain. Network operators who previously did not have access to conventional auctioned spectrum would be able to invest in enabling better coverage venues and locations where service is still lacking. Private broadband networks can now be set up to support dedicated connectivity within buildings or work sites for enterprise or industrial connectivity applications.

Securing your own spectrum to deploy LTE technology allows organizations to take advantage of a wide technology ecosystem and build a dedicated network engineered for high-performance and reliability. LTE networks offer seamless mobility, reliability, predictable minimal latency, security, interoperability and quality of service. CBRS Alliance Business Working Group Chair Joel Lindholm indicates, “Over 70% of commercial buildings [including hospitals] have insufficient mobile coverage indoors. OnGo improves wireless coverage and capacity, making it ideal for wireless needs in a world where spectrum is limited, but data demand is not.”

Potential deployments utilizing CBRS spectrum include:

  • Manufacturing facilities deploying production automation
  • Industrial sites boosting sensor and IoT connectivity
  • Neutral host operators enhancing public space wireless coverage & capacity
  • Logistics centers enabling sensor connectivity
  • Medical Facilities deploying wireless machines and work flow tools


The Star Solutions LTE Advantage

Star Solutions offers its customers innovative products for deploying LTE networks. Today, our customers include mobile network operators, private network operators in industry and also public safety organizations deploying emergency networks for their respective users. We offer scalable and easy to deploy infrastructure equipment to address any size of LTE network requirement.

Our solution is comprised of two key components: (1) our core network platform, the Sonata EPC and (2) a wide variety of LTE eNodeB’s tailored to address a specific deployment model. We support 3GPP standards and can offer the entire network infrastructure solution or certain network elements to complement an existing setup.

CBRS spectrum access will allow a complete new set of customers to take advantage of our LTE technology. Our in depth knowledge and experience of deploying LTE networks will enable our customers to quickly set up, deploy and manage their new networks.

In working with Star Solutions, our customers enjoy these key advantages:

  • Scalable platforms that can start small and grow as needed
  • Standards based systems allowing best of breed multi-vendor environments
  • Solutions that are easy to operate and maintain
  • Over 20 years of experience to help customers design and support their networks

CBRS spectrum access will enable LTE technology to be deployed in a number of new applications and use cases. If you are considering CBRS LTE deployments, contact us for more information on how Star Solutions can support your business.

If you have questions about CBRS spectrum and deploying LTE, talk to our team and let us know what you’re thinking!

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