PSCR Procures Star Solutions LTE Deployable Systems

LTE Deployable Systems used in testing and demonstration activities.

The Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Lab in Boulder Colorado, under the National Institute of Science and Technology procures Star Solutions LTE Band 14 IMPAC and COMPAC 3U deployable systems for testing and demonstrations to PSBN groups.

The IMPAC System is a lightweight ruggedized back packable LTE network that is one switch activated and online within minutes. The COMPAC 3U is a rack mountable LTE network that offers higher output power and additional user sessions while maintaining one switch activation and rapid deployment. Both systems can run as private networks with embedded applications or connected via backhaul to commercial networks and external applications.

VP of Sales, Alex Pourian says, “We’ve been supporting the Public Safety Community and FirstNet with innovative rapidly deployable systems for many years, and are excited about the opportunity to continue to support PSCR, an industry leader in LTE Band 14 testing. Establishing reliable voice and data communications anywhere has always been one of our key objectives.”

Star Solutions LTE public safety portfolio offers a wide range of products including eNodeB, EPC, deployable systems, as well as a multitude of applications including embedded call management functions, Push to Talk, location tracking and video surveillance.