Scalable LTE Core Networks

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) are faced with increasing demands for high performance broadband services to be delivered to homes, schools and businesses. All forms of communications have predominantly moved online and enabling high speed connectivity in rural areas is one of the challenges still faced by many WISPs.  Scalable solutions are needed to tackle these network deployments which are often in areas where subscribers are less dense in number, but their service requirements no less in expectation.

Sonata EPC for Fixed Networks (EPCfn)

The Sonata EPCfn is a leading LTE core network solution for WISPs.  It offers cost-effective carrier grade performance with proven scalability and reliability. It has a track record of flexible deployment architectures and easy integration in multi-vendor network equipment environments. Network operators can deploy on bare iron servers supplied by Star Solutions or in qualified VM environments that they provide.

The Sonata EPCfn platform includes key LTE core network functions which can be licensed as a bundle or separately depending on the overall network architecture. These include: Management Mobile Entity (MME), P-GW (Packet Gateway), S-GW (Serving Gateway), HSS (Home Subscriber Server), and a PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function).

Delivering Scalable Performance

The Sonata EPCfn leverages Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) to boost packet processing performance throughput on Intel® processor-based servers. By adopting this set of software development libraries, the Sonata EPCfn can leverage multi-core and multi-processor architecture to optimize data throughput. This leads to added performance and scalability of our core network solution which our customers can in term leverage for growth and expansion.

This capability is licensed separately to our customers as a High Throughput (HT) option when they need additional capacity. It can be enabled remotely on qualified hardware platforms. In fact, several customers are leveraging this capability to meet their multi-gigabit EPC throughput requirements today.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Dave Tews, President, Extreme Internet – “The Sonata EPCFN enables us to deploy LTE projects with great scalability and performance. We work closely with the Star Solutions teams to enable even the smallest WISPs to take advantage of LTE technology and also deliver them a cost-effective path for growth and expansion.”

Hayden Cope, CiFi Pty Ltd. – “Our objective since the founding of the company was always to deliver a carrier-grade internet experience in the underserved areas of Christmas Island. A year later after deployment with Star Solutions, I’m happy to say that the EPC technology and level of expertise at Star Solutions has helped us enable significant growth in our business and provided us with a solid, growing revenue stream.”

Pete Bonilla, Manager of Wireless Services, Kings County Office of Education – “After evaluating our options, we found Star Solutions was able to best meet our needs. We needed to work with a reliable and responsive partner who could move quickly into a smooth implementation.”