From APCO International Public Safety Communications
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NVIS Communications, a Barrett Communications authorised dealer in the USA, is pleased to announce the launch of their strategic partnership with Star Solutions. This partnership will give disaster and emergency situation responders a completely portable short to long distance communications solution. With mobile networks often under great stress or at risk of being compromised in emergency situations, this solution provides up to 3 kilometre cell coverage with the ability to direct dial into the national and international telephone exchange to make and receive calls from other agencies and entities.

With the capacity of supporting over 1,000 terminals, Star Solutions’ portable “manpack” style cell site, the IMPAC System, provides connectivity for multiple handsets within a 2 to 3 kilometer range. Up to 31 simultaneous voice connections can be made along with support for texting and data services. When interfaced with the Barrett 2060 High Frequency (HF) automated telephone interconnect, users are able to connect outside the affected area. By leveraging the HF network, responders within the coverage area can not only immediately communicate with each other but also access resources and agencies that may be long distances away. This system can be mobilised and active within 3 minutes.

Mr John Rosica, President of NVIS Communications commented, “we will be launching this new strategic partnership and product offering with a live working demonstration at our booth at APCO Anaheim. We will also have representatives of NVIS and Star Solutions available at the booth to answer queries and set up appointments for further demonstrations and evaluation.”

Mr Jack Mar, CEO of Star Solutions explained, “this strategic partnership has created an excellent solution not only for disaster and emergency responders, military or government based agencies, but also for key organisations in public safety, oil and gas, and mining who often need short to long range communications in remote environments.”