Star Solutions

Events 2018

Our updated list of Events include CanWISP, IWCE 2018, CCW 2018


Our EPC for fixed networks enables
WISPs to deploy broadband using
proven 4G LTE technology.

Connect to Innovate

Canada's Connect to Innovate
program offers support for backbone
& last-mile broadband projects.
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Rural Broadband Solution

Unique rural solutions to avoid
expensive backhaul costs for 2G,
3G and 4G networks.

LTE Band 14 Deployables

The IMPAC System supports
LTE Band 14 for Public Safety

Enterprise Solution

Private mobile networks
providing Voice, Text, Data
services and M2M applications

For over 25 years Star Solutions has provided customized cellular solutions for the rural market spanning GSM, CDMA and now LTE technologies, in particular:

  • Enabling CDMA 1X / EVDO in remote rural villages over satellite backhaul
  • Supporting CDMA services on cruise ships
  • Delivering GSM voice to mining enterprises over satellite
  • Integrating our IP-RAN products with IP-PBX’s using SIP

Some of the unique deployment scenarios that we can support include:

  • Remote MSC Survivability – If the satellite backhaul link experiences disruption, local service is still maintained at a remote site
  • Remote Gateway offload – Deployment of remote PDSN or EPC nodes enables operators to offload user Internet traffic at the edge of the network.
  • “All in one” stand-alone remote operation – The iCell COMPAC and IMPAC can support not only CDMA handsets but also SIP based VoIP phones.

Using the latest technologies in wireless communications; Star Solutions continues to meet these challenges with its 4G Sonata LTE family of wireless access network products. The Sonata EPC core network solution for 4G LTE networks is easy to install and scalable in its deployment options. Low cost servers or appliances may be used depending on the traffic requirements. Centralized or VM based deployments are also possible.