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Events 2018

Our updated list of Events include CanWISP, IWCE 2018, CCW 2018


Our EPC for fixed networks enables
WISPs to deploy broadband using
proven 4G LTE technology.

Connect to Innovate

Canada's Connect to Innovate
program offers support for backbone
& last-mile broadband projects.
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Rural Broadband Solution

Unique rural solutions to avoid
expensive backhaul costs for 2G,
3G and 4G networks.

LTE Band 14 Deployables

The IMPAC System supports
LTE Band 14 for Public Safety

Enterprise Solution

Private mobile networks
providing Voice, Text, Data
services and M2M applications

The Star Solutions Sonata SE MSC Server provides a comprehensive standards-based softswitch mobile switching center (MSC/VLR) solution for second and third generation (2G and 3G) CDMA2000® and GSM/UMTS networks. Fully compliant with 3GPP and 3GPP2 industry standards, this powerful platform is a key component of Star Solutions’ product suite – a complete solution for 3G wireless operators. It is comprised of two key elements, the MSC Server and Intelligent Media Gateway.

Highly Scalable MSC Server

Using the MSC Server, operators can serve customers with IP-connected base stations anywhere in the world, enabling them to expand geographic coverage and serve new markets. The MSC Server can cost-effectively scale from small deployments to very large configurations supporting more than 500,000 Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCAs). Its open, standards-based, distributed architecture enables flexible distribution of platforms such as Home Location Registers (HLRs) and media gateways at optimal locations in the network. This modular solution scales easily and cost-effectively with the addition of off-the-shelf hardware and distributed software applications.

Intelligent Media Gateway

The Sonata IMG provides a cost-effective, standards-compliant solution for completing calls between traditional telephone and wireless networks. This powerful platform, a key component of Star Solutions’ Sonata® product suite, delivers full-featured functionality and uncompromising performance in a Compact PCI form factor.

Designed for use with CDMA and GSM/UMTS-based systems, the IMG provides very high density in a compact form factor, enabling deployment in sites where space is at a premium. The solution supports as few as two or as many as 16 T1/E1 spans per board, or 240 T1/E1 spans per chassis, in a highly available redundant N+1 configuration. The IMG leverages industry standard control interfaces, including MGCP and Megaco/H.248 for media control and MF-R1, CAS, MFC-R2, and PRI for PSTN signaling. Multiple IMGs can be distributed at the network edge or at points of presence (POPs) to optimize traffic routing and minimize interconnection costs. The IMG’s modular, scalable design makes it easy to serve new geographic regions and new markets with minimal investment.

IMG – Integrated Functionality

The IMG combines media gateway and SS7 signaling in the same chassis – unlike other solutions that separate functions. The IMG can concurrently support as few as two T1/E1 and two signaling links or up to eight signaling links and 16 T1/E1 spans on a single media gateway board; or up to 120 signaling links per chassis. Each IMG board accommodates up to 16 T1/E1, eight narrowband, or two SAAL broadband signaling links via two dual redundant Ethernet interfaces or two optical OC3c/STM-1 interfaces. The IMG supports as many as 480 wireless vocoder channels per board. Boards can be combined to support 240 T1/E1 or 7,200 wireless vocoder channels per chassis.

IMG – Enables Traffic Offload

When deployed remotely at the edge of the network, the Sonata IMG enables operators to connect to TDM networks such as the local PSTN. On a distributed network, multiple IMGs can support small concentrations of traffic and offload backhaul links from carrying unnecessary voice traffic. Deployed with the iCell IP-RAN solution, remote IMGs enable operators to reach new coverage areas by sharing a common, All-IP switching core.