Star Solutions is releasing two whitepapers based on solutions we have provided to our customers worldwide. The whitepapers are briefly described below with separate download links provided.

Rural Broadband: Keeping it Simple
The Canadian federal government recently announced its strategy, Digital Canada 150, to enable Canadians to take full advantage of the opportunities of the digital age. One of the five pillars of the strategy, titled Connecting Canadians, highlights enabling broadband Internet services for 280,000 Canadian households in rural and remote areas. Affordable connectivity in rural and remote parts of Canada is a challenge.

Star Solutions’ new whitepaper on rural broadband provides a potential solution for enabling the cost effective delivery of rural broadband Internet. By combining past experiences and knowledge of the latest technologies in wireless communications, a solution supporting 4G LTE can be deployed to address the need for broadband connectivity. Key attributes of this solution are discussed and how they address the challenges of enabling broadband in rural and remote communities.

[Click Here] to download the rural broadband whitepaper.

Preventing Criminals from Committing Crimes in Prison
In the last three years, Star Solutions has provided prison solutions in many countries to prevent criminals from making illegal calls while allowing legally authorized phones to function normally. Our whitepaper discusses some of the challenges in providing this kind of solution and the technologies that we have deployed to support this particular application.

[Click Here] to download the prison solutions whitepaper.