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Our EPC for fixed networks enables
WISPs to deploy broadband using
proven 4G LTE technology.

Connect to Innovate

Canada's Connect to Innovate
program offers support for backbone
& last-mile broadband projects.
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Rural Broadband Solution

Unique rural solutions to avoid
expensive backhaul costs for 2G,
3G and 4G networks.

LTE Band 14 Deployables

The IMPAC System supports
LTE Band 14 for Public Safety

Enterprise Solution

Private mobile networks
providing Voice, Text, Data
services and M2M applications

On December 15, 2016, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada launched a program called Connect to Innovate that aims to bring broadband Internet access to 300 rural and remote communities across Canada. The program would invest up to $500 million by 2021 to help address the digital divide by “by primarily supporting new high-capacity ‘backbone’ networks, with a portion of funding being used to upgrade existing backbone networks and provide ‘last-mile’ connections.”

While its primary focus is on new backbone infrastructure, a portion of the program’s funding will include last-mile infrastructure, “to bring Internet access to households and businesses that do not have speeds of at least 5 megabits per second (Mbps).” Today, Internet access is not only a means of convenience or infotainment, it is an essential means by which citizens, businesses and institutions access information, offer services and create economic opportunities.

As a Canadian company, Star Solutions is pleased to see the announcement of this program and its objectives. We have supported rural and remote cellular and wireless infrastructure projects in Canada and in countries around the world. We’re excited to assist any companies interested in leveraging our products and solutions to meet Connect to Innovates goals.

By working with Star Solutions, organizations will be able to:

  • Access network design experience from RF, telecom and networking experts
  • Leverage 4G LTE technology to deliver last-mile wireless
  • Benefit from turn-key deployment expertise and cost modeling
  • Access support for business plan and financial model development

If your organization is considering applying for funding from Connect to Innovate, please contact the Star Solutions team to see how we can help you realize your proposal.

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